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Terms & conditions:

  • Your Groupon voucher code is valid only for item specified in your voucher PDF and may not be applied on any other products or gift certificates.
  • Additional accessories may be ordered for an additional fee.
  • The validity period of the coupon is given in the email confirmation sent by Groupon.
  • The coupon does not cover shipping costs. Please review the shipping costs on your voucher PDF or in the shopping basket after code applied.
  • The coupon cannot be combined with other special offers and discounts.
  • Orders can be placed 24 hours after the campaign has been finished.
  • Please look up our FAQ Page in case you have any further questions.
  • After uploading your photo our system will offer you only those formats that are suitable for the image. If the system doesn't show your desired format, it's because of insufficient resolution of your image.
  • Minimum resolution requirements:

    15x10cm - 500 x 300 px

    20x15cm - 600 x 500 px

    20x20cm - 600 x 600 px

    30x20cm - 900 x 600 px

    30x30cm - 900 x 900 px

    40x30cm - 2000 x 900 px

  • If you experience any problems entering your coupon code, please contact us writing an e-mail to: [email protected]. Please do not finish placing the order, since it is NOT possible to apply the coupon code to an order that has been already placed subsequently.

This is how you easily place an order:

  1. Upload desired image.
  2. Select item, size and follow steps to customize.
  3. Enter the Groupon code from your voucher into the "Enter your coupon code here" field and click “Apply Coupon”, then click "Secure Checkout". (Note! Groupon code is case sensitive, always copy & paste it )
  4. Provide billing, shipping, and payment information and click "Continue".
  5. Support – contact Photo.Gifts at [email protected] - Please always mention your Groupon Code for faster assistance and send the PDF voucher file attached.