Designed as a versatile alternative to traditional wall decor, a photo board print sees your image printed on a sturdy, 5mm-thick hardfoam panel. It might be lighter than our other wall art products, but don’t be fooled by its elegant appearance – photo board is as durable as can be.

Premium Quality

Your photo board print will give you superbly accurate, pin-sharp image reproduction and exceptionally vivid colours. Each print is a unique, customised wall art product, brought to you by state-of-the-art machine trimming combined with the superior hand-crafting skills of our experienced artisans.

Suitable for Any Wall

The print on photo board is our most lightweight wall decor format. You can display your photo with confidence on more vulnerable walls or on tiled surfaces. Photo board is also more affordable than some of our premium substrates, making it a great choice if you’re taking your first step in personalised wall art.

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