Our featherlight new photo tiles make displaying your photos on the wall easier than ever! Just upload your images and we’ll print them on elegant 20 x 20cm lightfoam tiles. Expect crisp definition, bold colours, and limitless scope for creativity!

Elegant Wall Decor Tiles

Photo tiles are a brilliant new solution for turning your photos into wall decoration. The lightweight tiles, printed with perfect reproductions of your images, can be grouped in elegant patterns. Each tile comes with a clever adhesive/magnetic hanging system called [Magnofix] that makes installation simple.

Ingenious Hanging System

The [Magnofix] hanging system is included completely FREE. The adhesive side can be stuck directly on the wall, and the tile is then held in place using a pair of magnetised strips. The two strips can be pulled apart and reattached anytime, so you can swap your tiles around if you fancy a fresh arrangement!

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